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There is a difference between your ad getting seen and it grabbing someone’s attention.

Any honest marketer will tell you that marketing efforts are ONLY effective as long as they are used where people are giving their attention. What good is a killer commercial if everyone skips over commercials because they stream their favorite TV shows, fast forward through the commercials or pull out their phones during breaks?

Unfortunately, the same notion is starting to take place for social media advertisements. People scroll through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter news feeds so fast that if the visual for the ad isn’t the most eye-catching thing they’ve seen, your ad is virtually pointless. Hence why CPM [cost per impression (1000 views)] is becoming a very flawed metric for sites like Facebook and Instagram. There’s one site where CPM actually does have a lot of meaning to, and that site is SNAPCHAT!

Stop ignoring the market and its trends!

Let’s be real here. It’s almost impossible to go out in public and either not see someone using Snapchat or not hear of someone talking about Snapchat. This is the one social media site that seems to have everyone’s attention that uses it. Snapchat gives people 10 seconds or less to view videos and pictures that are on stories or sent to them directly, this causes users to pay more attention to what others are posting. Snapchat also allows users to put geo-filters over their pictures and videos. These filters are based off your geo-location and certain ones can only be used in certain locations. They are becoming increasingly more popular because they enhance the picture/video that gets taken.

What does this mean for advertising?

Little do most people know, Snapchat just recently released their geo-filter platform to the public! Meaning for the right price and specifications, anyone can submit their custom geo-filters to Snapchat! These geo-filters are arguably one of the BEST ways to create brand awareness and personality for your brand or event! Whether they are being used for a few hours for a wedding or big celebration or they are being used for a few days for a conference or business event being held, these geo-filters are sure to get seen AND grab people’s attention!

Not too long ago, I was talking to a friend/mentor of mine, Kyle S. Reyes, CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing and he told me that he made a custom geo-filter for a Trump rally in Connecticut. The filter said “Make Connecticut Great Again” and had his companies’ name on the bottom of the filter. He said the filter cost him about $60 dollars to run for a few hours during the rally and he got multiple calls afterwards for potential clients. This was an EXCELLENT way for his company to get recognized while showing some personality with it.

The cool thing about these geo-filters is that even if you have it available for use for an hour or two, they can be seen for the next 24 hours if they had been used on people’s stories and if they’ve been sent to others to view. At the end of the campaign, Snapchat will show you how many total times the filter was used and how many total times the filter had been seen (and that includes all the friends and families that are watching someone’s story that it was used on.)

If you’d like to learn more about these geo-filters, Gary Vaynerchuk wrote an article that explains everything you need to know about them. You can find that article here.

The Final Takeaway

You will NEVER hear me say that social media is THE answer, because it’s not. Social media is simply a tool, just like all other advertising and marketing techniques. But if you want to stay in the game, you have to play by the current rules. You’d be stupid to forget about social media or just stay on Facebook. Now is the time to innovate and be an early adopter of what will most likely be the new wave of advertising. Whether you decide to take this article to heart and play around with custom Snapchat geo-filters or not (which you’d be smart to do), is up to you. But PLEASE do yourselves a favor and consistently innovate your advertising techniques and mediums you use.


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Written by Zach Hesterberg, Founder of SoZesty.



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