October 9, 2017

Mobile Apps

Is your business in search of a custom mobile app? Technology is advancing, and people are becoming more and more mobile. When you’re selling your products you want your customers to find them most conveniently, a mobile app can help you achieve that. With a mobile app, you will have the additional capabilities for a convenient sales channel, while also influencing effective brand awareness through tools that give your brand public awareness. SoZesty has extensive experience in multi-platform mobile app development so that it is both Android and iOS compatible.

Why Mobile Apps?

Having a mobile app for your business automatically gives you free promotion. Every day your app users will see your logo and have an urge to view what all is new with your business. Mobile apps have the potential for more features than a website can offer; you can utilize Geolocation, enabling you to show the user results based on their exact location, push notifications, and access to use the device’s camera. Mobile growth has been growing for years and keeps getting better; our lives can be completely mobile with the simplicity of using business-based mobile apps for a better user experience. Offer your customers the best experience possible that fits the ever-growing mobile world.

Native Mobile Apps

Your app will be made specifically for the device’s operating system following the device’s manufacturers design and programming standards. Our trained developers take time to keep up with the latest technologies being used across several operating systems ensuring each app functions as you would expect it to on any device. When your app has the look and features that you want, for your convenience, we will launch your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

You have a lot of ideas about your app and how it should work.  We take the time to sit down with you and discuss your thoughts.  Wireframes are created based on your ideas.  Using our knowledge of user experience and user interface design, we tweak your ideas and make the necessary changes to create a user-friendly app.  The most important thing is keeping the users of your app happy and providing them with a great user experience.  Doing so helps ensure your users will keep coming back.