EASY way to add personality to a social media strategy

Create personality

 Stop the excuses

One common misconception I’ve noticed from talking to business owners in the past few weeks is that they think if they have a ‘boring’ product or service, it’s hard to show personality across their social media channels. I on the other hand say that’s a load of bull s#*t. In fact, when you have a ‘boring’ product or industry, you have yourselves an opportunity to stand out from your competition with the smallest ‘fun’ things you do.

Here is one way that is EXTREMELY easy to add some fun personality to your brands’ online voice:

  1. Get on your favorite search engine (I personally prefer google;)
  2. Search: National holidays for the month of <insert whatever month it is>
  3. Find one of the crazy/fun ‘national holidays’ that just so happens to be the day you’re looking to make a social media post on.
  4. Have FUN with the post!


I just googled national holidays for the month of May, looked up the day (May 20th) and found there are 3 national holidays today.

My options were ‘Ride a bike to work day,’ ‘Pick Strawberries,’ or ‘Be a millionaire day.’ (Here is the calendar I’m referring to).

I could then make a post that says ‘Today is national ride your bike to work day. We’re a bit lazy so we won’t be celebrating, but please don’t let that keep you from celebrating!” Or I could post a picture of myself or an employee riding their bike to work!

Moral of the story here is to let loose and not worry about selling a product or service, but rather post some content that will give your audience something fun to see and interact with!

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