What senior citizens are telling us about social media marketing.


This morning I was doing some work and enjoying brunch with a friend in a quiet cafe. There was a table of women behind us around the ages of 70-80 years old that were having a good time chatting among each other. Suddenly, I overheard a question asked at their table that caused my jaw to drop and head to turn. This was the question:

“Are you on Snapchat?”

Let me  repeat that: A table of 4 women in their 70’s were talking about Snapchat.

We as a society know that Snapchat is growing pretty heavily and lots of parents are using the platform, but arguably the most popular app among the millennials has now reached grandparents and is now the subject of discussion for their casual brunch conversations.

If your business isn’t on Snapchat, you need to rethink your entire marketing strategy.

Stop looking at social media sites as direct means of getting sales. Use social media to increase your brand loyalty by giving personality to your company! Here are some easy things you as a business owner can use Snapchat for:


  • Industry related advice
  • Fun times in the office
  • Employee spotlights
  • Customer spotlights
  • Product/service spotlights
  • Specials/Sales
  • Promoting events

Moral of the story here is that businesses have to STOP using the excuse that their target customer isn’t on social media.

Who knows the customers better than they themselves?park bench



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