How to standout in a noisy world

Time to standout

Time to standout

Business owners have this crazy idea that they think they need to be ‘keeping up’ with the industry or their competitors marketing efforts. Whether that be through the content they post, the frequency of their content, their prices/deals, or the channels in which they are reaching their target customer. My question for people who want to standout is this:


Why would you EVER want to mimic your competitors or follow industry trends??

Obviously, no one wants to fall behind their competitors, but if you’re always following the competitors or industry, you will ALWAYS be behind. We’ve all heard it before to “Be Different” or “Be Original,” but at some point, society as a whole has said to stick with the status quo. It’s time that businesses and social media managers say “SCREW THE STATUS QUO.”


Don’t be afraid of controversy

People are drawn to things that are different. Sometimes being different causes a whole lot of controversy, but from a marketer’s perspective, controversy can be good! Look at Donald Trump and his campaign for the presidential election. It doesn’t matter if you hate him or love him, you have to admit he has revolutionized the world of politics by saying screw political correctness. Trump tweets like a middle school girl with the amount of drama he stirs up and the language he chooses to use. His tweets would’ve never been considered acceptable in politics and society still deems it as inappropriate. Yet Trump’s Twitter is generating roughly 5x as many retweets and 10x as many likes per tweet than the plain ‘politically correct tweets’ you’ll find on Hillary Clinton’s or Bernie Sanders Twitter.

Controversy in marketing and business will attract the right people to your business and push who you don’t want, away. Look at Chick-Fil-A for instance – While society was starting to accept gay marriage, their CEO, Dan Cathy, made it publicly known that he did not. While there was an uproar in the GLBT community and protesters were outside their restaurants for the next few days after, they also had some of the longest lines to order food I’ve ever seen. The CEO pushed away one crowd and brought in even more support of another crowd.


Be different in order to standout

Now before you go jumping to conclusions thinking I’m telling you to create controversy, let it be known that I am NOT telling people to do that. (Although controversy does create free PR. wink wink;) I AM advising you guys to BE DIFFERENT and stick true to yourselves, because that’s how you differentiate. If being different creates controversy, embrace it. Some people will like you/your business and others won’t – might as well have it be the right people supporting you!



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